HillBarrow Attachment Only + Battery Charger/ Free Shipping Included

HillBarrow Attachment Only + Battery Charger/ Free Shipping Included

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HillBarrow Attachment Only + Battery Charger/ Free Shipping Included


Your HillBarrow will arrive equipped with a powerful 200 watt electric motor that is High-Torque, Durable, & Eco-friendly; while also providing 24 Volts of Rechargeable pulling performance that drastically surpasses yesterdays antique push and strain alternative. Your HillBarrow will provide a tremendous amount of use on one full charge; dependent upon your average motor speed dial setting, load-weight, grade of terrain(s), and how much you assist your HillBarrow as it "works" to assist you.

Included within your HillBarrow is a simple trickle charger that plugs directly into any standard household outlet, and it's green light indicator illuminates with it's fully charged and ready. The HillBarrow is also equipped with a lighted L.E.D. battery meter to clearly advise the operator of their precise charge at ANY given time.

Your HillBarrow is also equipped with a simple speed control dial that not only accommodates every operator personally, ranging from a slow walk to a moderate run, but is also designed to adjust accordingly to various inclined terrains as well. Relayed into the speed control dial, is a simple, durable, and weatherproof push-button thumb-throttle offering a convenient and comfortable push to "Go", Release to "Slow" and "Stop" throttling effect.

HillBarrow Specs

  • Weight Limit

    If you can handle the weight safely, your HillBarrow will surely pull it! (Approx. 200 lbs.)

  • Suggested Age

    Recommended for those 18+ years of age

  • Product Weight

    29.5 pounds

  • Motor Type

    Powerful 200-watt D.C. electric motor

  • Battery

    24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. Battery charger included.

  • Battery Protection

    20-amp Safety Breaker for additional protection

  • Internal Smart Controller

    The I.S.C. powers and protects ALL components

  • Assembly

    Packaged 100% Assembled. Easy Installation required. View and/or download the owners manual below for more simplified details.

HillBarrow Installation Manual

View/Download to Reveal how Simple the HillBarrow is to Install and Operate

Product Features

  • Universal

    Universal attachment fits all 6-cubic ft. metal load tray wheelbarrows

  • Motorized

    Transforms One-wheeled wheelbarrows into Motorized HillBarrows

  • Transferable

    Transferable from wheelbarrow to wheelbarrow

  • Fully Adjustable

    Fully Adjustable Framing accommodates both extremely used and new wheelbarrows

  • Speed Control

    Adjustable speed dial accommodates any operator ranging from a slow walk to a moderate run!

  • Continuous Usage

    Up to 8-12 hours of continuous use on one full charge. Our 24 volt batteries are designed to "work" and last! 

  • Durable Design

    All Aluminum design; No cheap parts or plastic! Machined and built to last by Americans in America!

  • High-Torque Drive

    Chain driven motors & parts that won't let you down! Proven on "Razor" scooters sold daily across the U.S.