HillBarrow Conversion Kit

HillBarrow Conversion Kit

HillBarrow Conversion Kit


Your Easy to Install HillBarrow Conversion Kit will arrive equipped with a powerful 200 watt electric motor that is High-Torque, Durable, & Eco-friendly; while also providing 24 Volts of Rechargeable pulling performance that drastically surpasses yesterdays antique push and strain alternative. 

Installation Manual/Owners Manual available Below or by clicking the following Link: Installation/Owners Manual 

Included with this purchase is a simple trickle charger that plugs directly into any standard household outlet, and it's green light indicator illuminates with it's fully charged and ready. The control panel is equipped with a lighted L.E.D. battery meter to clearly advise the operator of their precise charge at ANY given time.

The control panel is also equipped with a simple speed control dial that not only accommodates every operator personally, ranging from a slow walk to a moderate run, but adjusts accordingly to various inclined terrains as well. Relayed into the speed control dial, is a simple, durable, and weatherproof push-button thumb-throttle offering a convenient and comfortable push to "Go", release to "Slow" and "Stop" throttling effect.

*We are now offering a 14-Day Buy and Try Money-Back Guarantee. This means from the day that you receive your HillBarrow Conversion Kit, you have 14 days to mail it back to us for a Full Refund regardless of your reasoning. Until you decide for certain that you are keeping said product(s), we ask that you please keep product(s) clean or a cleaning fee may be applied at refund. 

If you do decide to send your HillBarrow Conversion Kit back, please be advised that we will NOT be responsible for the refunding of ANY Shipping costs. Be sure to package the product(s) as you received it, and adhere to the fair warning below and we all will be good to go with no harsh-feelings; you have our word! 

Warning: The HillBarrow Conversion Kit is designed for 6 cubic foot metal load tray style wheelbarrows ONLY. If you drill, alter, or modify this product in any way your warranty will be voided, no exceptions. 

HillBarrow Specs

  • Weight Limit

    If you can handle the weight safely, your HillBarrow will surely pull it! (Approx. 200 lbs.)

  • Suggested Age

    Recommended for those 18+ years of age

  • Product Weight

    29.5 pounds

  • Motor Type

    Powerful 200-watt D.C. electric motor

  • Battery

    24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. Battery charger included.

  • Battery Protection

    20-amp Safety Breaker for additional protection

  • Internal Smart Controller

    The I.S.C. powers and protects ALL components

  • Assembly

    Packaged 100% Assembled. Easy Installation required. View and/or download the owners manual below for more simplified details.

HillBarrow Installation Manual

View/Download to Reveal how Simple the HillBarrow is to Install and Operate

Product Features

  • Universal

    Universal attachment fits all 6-cubic ft. metal load tray wheelbarrows

  • Motorized

    Transforms One-wheeled wheelbarrows into Motorized HillBarrows

  • Transferable

    Transferable from wheelbarrow to wheelbarrow

  • Fully Adjustable

    Fully Adjustable Framing accommodates both extremely used and new wheelbarrows

  • Speed Control

    Adjustable speed dial accommodates any operator ranging from a slow walk to a moderate run!

  • Continuous Usage

    Our 24 volt batteries are designed to "work" and last! 

  • Durable Design

    No cheap Plastic or Parts! Machined and built to last by Americans in America!

  • High-Torque Drive

    Chain driven motors & parts that won't let you down! Proven on scooters sold daily across the U.S.