Frequently Asked Questions

How long does one full charge last?

Your Hill-Booster will provide a tremendous amount of use on one full charge; dependent upon your average motor speed dial setting, load-weight, grade of terrain(s), distance traveled per each haul, number of trips, and how much you assist your HillBarrow as it "works" hard to assist you.

Please be advised that if and when use your HillBarrow consistently throughout any given day, like a cell phone, power-drill, or even a battery powered fork-lift used at Home Depot or Lowes that consists of many batteries tied together; all the above must be charged daily to get one through the next work day.

With all due respects keep in mind that a Hill-Booster is not magical, its mechanical, and many factors will apply in regards to how long each charge will last for you. When designing the Hill-Booster we found a healthy medium in overall weight, price, and battery-life per charge. For example, if we were to add another 12-volt battery to upgrade it from a 24-volt to a 36-volt, that would not only add additional weight to the wheelbarrow itself, but also the increased cost would have to be passed onto the consumers as well. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us by any method offered through the "Contact Us" page provided within this website. 

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